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2 days ago
2018 has us falling even deeper in love w/ #Spiderman thanks to the PS4 game and the must see Into the #Spiderverse TotalGeekLive photo
5 days ago
@petersimeti The great folks at @OiltownComics are big supporters of Alterna. We even did a live show from there! (I think we start praising @ALTERNACOMICS around the 25:30 mark or so)
6 days ago
We hope to see you in the chat for our last LIVE show of the year! Thur, Dec 13th 7pm-ish (CST).
#livestream #mixer #holidayspecial #totalgeek
TotalGeekLive photo
7 days ago
Strike that last tweet! Last live show is being moved to Thursday, Dec 13th for... Reasons. We still hope you can join us!