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1 year ago
Hey @OiltownComics, y'all have issues of Void Walker left? #1 & 2?
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David Haner @ddcpress
Holy crap this issue is nuts!!!!! Spencer, Kristian, congratulations on creating what is shaping up to be the BEST horror comic of the modern era! Wow!!!!!!!!
1 year ago
@stationsstories TEXT, the movie... Can't wait!!! ๐Ÿ˜heheh
Hope you had a great Xmas and have an amazing new year!!!
1 year ago
TGL's @kaiz03 made the front page of his local paper today for some geeky #boardgame shinanagans last weekend
2 years ago
Dr. Mario on smartphones? Don't mind if we do! Anyone else check out #DrMarioWorld? Thoughts? TotalGeekLive photo