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4 days ago
Traveler’s Tip: When in San Antonio, remember the à la mode - it’s really good! #FathersDayDadJoke TotalGeekLive photo
1 week ago
TGL's @kaiz03 just put up at #unboxing vid of @TalesoftheTomes for your enjoyment Would be a great game to play between fathers & sons on #HappyFathersDay
3 weeks ago
This is such a great comic. If you like dark, high fantasy stories or are just looking for a comic that provides you with something different you should buy this; whether it's from us, another comic shop, or alterna comics directly. #comics
3 weeks ago
Finally! @DCComics dropped #DoomsdayClock 10 last week and thus our latest take is up for your pleasure. #Comics #ComicReview
4 weeks ago
So much variety here at #Dreamhack Dallas! Indie games, arcades, board games, physical games and of course the intense competition of esports! Tag us if you're here. TotalGeekLive photo