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3 weeks ago
Help Alterna hit that last stretch goal. This company is doing everything they can to improve the comic industry for EVERYONE. Publishers,Creators,Retailers,and Consumers! @petersimeti #comics #teamcomics
3 weeks ago
Everyone keep a sharp eye out for all those pranksters today! Happy #AprilFoolsDay !!! We'd love to hear some of your best pranks! TotalGeekLive photo
4 weeks ago
In May of 1939, a comic book company known as Detective Comics Inc. introduced a new character to their 27th issue of their Detective Comics series. This new superhero, created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, evoked the crime noir atmosphere of the era…
1 month ago
When it comes to comic book reviews/opinions -- where do you turn and who do you trust?

I'm trying to figure out where we should concentrate our efforts when it comes to reviews. Please vote and retweet if possible. Thanks!
1 month ago
The latest instalment of our timeless Totally 19XX series is up! #breakin #electricboogaloo
2 months ago
Before our hometown, Corsicana, was blessed by having @OiltownComics
we had to drive to Ennis to get our weekly pull from Good Time Charlie's. #mycorsicana #blastfromthepast #comicbooks #sundaycomics
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