Kaiser’s Top 5/Bottom 5 Saturday Morning Cartoons

This was such a hard list to narrow down. Much like my arcade list, trying to narrow down my favorite cartoons became a task I almost couldn’t complete. But, alas, here they are! Tho, I must admit finding a bottom 5 cartoons was a lot easier than the arcade list! heh.


SUPER FRIENDS (1973-1986)

Super Friends was a must watch every time it was on. While I prefered the Super Twins and Gleek over those two teens and Wonder Dog, I put up with them to get my Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman fix.


Chances are if the cartoon was based on Super Heroes or Video Games I was going to be glued in front of it. As a diehard Mega Man fan, the Mega Man focused episode were my mega favorites.


Like I said, if it was based on Video Games, I was there! While this show jumped around with mini-episode based on particular games like Frogger, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr., my favorites were always the Q-Bert ones.

KIDD VIDEO (1984-1985)

There is something to be said about how far a catchy theme song can take you. Just mentioning this cartoon’s name has my brain play through the entire tune. In fact I am having a tough time writing my Top 5/Bottom 5 because this theme is on loop in my head now.

VOLTRON (1984-1985)

Probably my favorite all time cartoon ever. You can hear me gush about it in my review of the new Voltron cartoon on Netflix.

KAISER’S BOTTOM 5 Saturday Morning Cartoons

ALF (1987-1989)

While I mildly enjoyed the live action show, I really couldn’t stand the animated version. Just held no interest for me at all.

LAVERNE & SHIRLEY (1981-1982)

You will see a theme here in my bottom 5 – I just was not a fan of cartoon versions of sitcoms.

PUNKY BREWSTER (1985-1989)

Loved the live action. Hated the cartoon. I never once watched the live show and thought to myself “Punky needs a stupid magic space cat thing!”


Nope. Couldn’t get into it. Even as a kid with bad taste, I knew this sucked.

SNORKS (1984-1989)

Screw the Snorks, there were just wannabe Smurfs but were all wet behind the ears.