Baltimore’s Top 5/Bottom 5 Halloween Candy

Halloween, and more generally the month of October was such a special time of year for me. Not only was I working on a Halloween costume, but the house was filled with candy – more so than usual. And then the special night arrived and I got to go Trick Or Treating. Usually with my friends, but certainly earlier with my parents and sister. And the candy. Let me tell you. The neighborhood was amazing and gave out about 95% winners. And if we found the houses that gave out full sized candy we’d share that prize information with others. The worst offenders were the do-gooders who would hand out fruit. Not cool.



But only the cherry or strawberry flavors. Lucked out that my sister likes the lemon and the orange flavors. A great trade off!

Twix/Heath/Butterfingers/Milky Way/Snickers

Yummy fun sized goodness.

Pixie Sticks

You could usually get at least 3 or 4 at a house and they were great for a quick sugar fix.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

If they were individual you could usually score at least 5 at a house at a time. So tasty. * even better if you could get the pumpkin shaped ones.

Blow Pops

The ones with the gum so you’d have another candy to enjoy after the lollipop. All flavors were good!


The black and orange wrapped candies

I don’t know what they were and I don’t ever want to know. Hard Pass.

Circus Peanuts

NO. Just no.

Black licorice

I have never enjoyed that flavor in any form. Thankfully, my dad does so I could always give it to him and sometimes he’d trade me something back.

Candy Corn

These were the last candy I would choose to eat. And even then I could only take just a few bites of them.

Almond Joy/Mounds

Hate coconut flavored candies. Could not give these away fast enough.