Baltimore’s Top 5/Bottom 5 ARCADE GAMES

The Arcade was a sacred place for geeks growing up. You could spend hours and countless quarters playing games and laughing at friends who couldn’t get a high score to save their life (That was usually me). But it was fun, and left a lasting impression on me.


Spy Hunter (1983)

Before I could actually drive, I was hooked on this game. It was so fun. Driving and spilling oil and shooting bad guys in cars. So much fun. Unfortunately, actual driving is not as fun.

X-Men Arcade (1992)

X-Men! Time to Die! All I needed to hear! I LOVED this game and even more awesome was having Dazzler to play as in the game! Favorite characters and multi-player as well.

TMNT: Turtles in Time (1991)

I’ve always leaned towards multi-player games and this one was a lot of fun. As long as I could play Donatello!

Galaga (1981)

This was a pretty simple game but it was one I loved to play. It was at the local pizza place and I always begged my parents for quarters to play while waiting for food. Best part was getting two ships to attack the fleet!

Rampage (1986)

This was just a lot of fun. Be a huge monster? Destroy buildings? Hit planes? Sign me up! I could spend an afternoon on this game.


Q*Bert (1982)

I actually like Q*Bert, but the further along you got the more frustrating it got. The controls never seemed to go where I wanted it to go, so the fun drained quickly from the game.

Joust (1982)

One of the simpler games, it was fun for about 2 rounds, but for some reason I just couldn’t get the hang of it.

Dance Dance Revolution (2010)

I am not of huge fan of dance games – not that I am a bad dancer mind you, but I prefer to bust moves on a dance floor – not in an Arcade.

1941 (1990)

Not a big fan of war games in general and this one just hits all the wrong notes for me. Awkward game play and not fun.

Frogger (1981)

Jumping across the screen and back couldn’t hold my attention. Wasn’t going to waste my quarter on this game for anything.