Guy has been a geek ever since that first Star Destroyer flew across the Tatooine sky in 1977. It was during those formative childhood years that Guy became a joystick jockey, playing Pac-Man in the arcades, and Atari 2600 in the old game room.

When he wasn’t in front of the digital screen, his imagination formed many an adventure, spanning from Cybertron to Eternia, and back to Earth with his NES. It wasn’t until after high school and a “Gamers Wanted” ad at the local college that he was led into that fateful test session with Doom for the Super Nintendo, and a job at Midway Home Entertainment.

From there, Guy spent more than a few years mastering Mortal Kombat combos with his friends, while working at the company that originated Defender and Joust. College led him away from the gaming industry for a while, before returning to Midway in San Diego.

After becoming “Fatalitied Out”, Guy decided to pursue acting, ending up on the HBO series Deadwood, eating hapless victims as a zombie in All Soul’s Day, and setting sail as members of both the Black Pearl and Flying Dutchman crews in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

When not acting and gaming, Guy is always writing. From short stories to scripts and blogs, Guy cracks wise with the written word. While hanging up the joystick professionally, Guy has spent his time becoming more passionate about the preservation and archival of classic gaming and its history. He is also a fan of cult and cheesy films (always thanks to Mystery Science Theater 3000, and being a backer for the Kickstarted relaunch). Guy still acts in film and television roles, and has been part of production for Billboard Music Awards and the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Guy presently remains all about Spider-Man, Doctor Who, the Nintendo Switch, Disneyland, and beating his fiancee’s high scores in pinball.