Baltimore Russell’s geek cred is rooted from youth in comic books, action figures and Saturday Morning Cartoons. To say his geek-hood has only blossomed since is an understatement. Not that it’s a competition (it is) but nerd-dom is his preferred state of bliss.

When Baltimore wasn’t acting (like, as in performing, not acting out…but he is out…more on that later) he was surrounded knee deep in piles of comic books, bleary eyed from watching He-Man (hint on the out part) and getting lost in the caverns and crevices of his mind by creating kooky characters and weird worlds.

In college, he realized that theater was a true calling. He produced three musicals, his favorite being The Who’s Tommy, while crisscrossing the world between Dallas and Australia where he did even more theater. Upon graduation, he moved to New York City and immersed himself in the theater scene where he still enjoys performing and producing.

He produced the new media series People You Know with his hubby (…and there we have it: Out!) which was picked up by HereTV from which they taking the geekiness to the next level and developing the series into a graphic novel.

He also co-writes the sci-fi super-hero novel series, Children of the Solstice, with his sister. AWAKENING, the first book in the trilogy, is available on Amazon, and the second book is slated to come out later this year.

To this day, Baltimore is an avid reader, collector of comics and books. He still watches cartoons and movies, and continues to collect action figures and statues. One question plagues him, though: Now that you can watch Saturday Morning Cartoons any time you want because of all things internet, are they now just…Cartoons?