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November 26, 2018
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Kaiser Reviews… THE DRUDE VOL. 2

The Drude Vol 2
Voiced by Amazon Polly

Well, I had asked for more Aleister Crowley at the end of my review of The Drude Vol 1, and in Vol 2 I indeed got more. I’m not sure what to do with that “more” yet, but  now I am getting ahead of myself. Let us start this review off proper.

The Drude Vol 2 is published by Devil’s Due/First Comics, and is created and written by Omaha Perez. The artwork in this installment is done by Tony Talbert (the cover artist of volume 1). Like the first volume, the second contains cursing, nudity, sex, drug use, and violence, so yeah, this story is still not for the kiddies. However, the overarching story in this new series is more akin to the common cliché of kid-friendly childhood films like Freaky Friday and Visa Versa than it is to the housewife soap opera-esque “dead man wakes up with amnesia” analogy from Volume 1’s tale.

Be prepared to dive right into the Illuminati snake pit of the Hollywood, political, and religious power elites as they gather to discuss their plans for bringing forth Armageddon, while summoning forth their master, “The Great Beast”. Each page throughout this opening and subsequent gatherings is worth checking out thoroughly, as it is fun to see just which of the characters pop up in each panel. I could not help but chuckle at Honey Booboo getting her comeuppance.

Aleister pops up again in a major role as one would expect given how the first series ended… but he is quite the different character this time around. Subvert any expectations of what you thought might come of Mr. Crowley and Boris Drude. Just sit back and let this new set of stories take you on its drug laced journey.

The Drude Vol 2 cements the vibe I got from Vol 1 as a punk, no holds barred revamp on cliched story elements, pop culture, stereotypes and tired old tropes.

Overall, The Drude Vol 2 is a worthwhile follow-up to the first set. As a whole it feels a little disjointed and a bit rushed in the climax, but the biting social satire and punk rock attitude carry through to the end. It is a trippy ride from start to finish with plenty of “what the fuckery” going on to keep you turning those pages. Just do not expect many answers to questions that were set up in Volume 1. Perhaps we will get to the root of who Boris Drude is come the inevitable Volume 3.

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Materials were provided for review, but this is not a paid review. Thoughts and reactions are my own unbiased on anything outside of my own bias.

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