Baltimore Reviews… KICK-ASS #2 and HIT-GIRL #2

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April 19, 2018
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Baltimore Reviews… KICK-ASS #2 and HIT-GIRL #2

Voiced by Amazon Polly

The new Kick-Ass comic picks up moments after the close of issue one and we see how Patience takes out the small time crooks and walks away with a cool $40K – half of which she gives away to Veteran’s charity and the rest she uses to clean up her debts and take care of her children.

Of course the money doesn’t last for long, and soon she has to figure out a new target. And she comes to the very real question of who is she and what is she doing. Is she a super hero or just someone trying to make ends meet and cleaning up the streets while she does.

I really like what Mark Millar is doing with the new character. She has a strong moral code and I’m interested to see how he tests her in the upcoming issues. It’s her heart and empathy that are her biggest strength and quite possibly her greatest weakness. She gets roped into helping a kid from a broken home and the scene is quite amazing.

The art for the comic is great and I’m glad that John Romita Jr is continuing on as it provides a nice throughline between each of the volumes of Kick-Ass. The violence is real and visceral, but it’s never played for laughs which gives it a certain gravitas that the previous volumes lacked. I am certainly here for Patience, and I can’t wait to see how her actions collide her family and what tricks the mob-infested criminals come up with to take her down.

As for Hit-Girl, I am enjoying the story. It’s good to see her in a new setting but still making waves.

The art isn’t my favorite as it’s a bit too over the top, but given that everything is over the top in this series I suppose it works. The violence is over the top, and completely gratuitous and completely in line with Hit-Girl. There’s crazy gadgets and insane weaponry that boggles the mind – and it’s all perfect for Mindy. The story is interesting and I want to see where it’s going.

More compelling to me is the interactions between the brother characters who have still yet to come face to face. As Hit-Girl is forcing Mano to wipe out all of his enemies, his brother Jorge is anxiously waiting for is initiation into the gang. There’s a particularly outrageous scene where Hit-Girl and Mano have to take out a Colombian drug lord who surrounds himself with cocaine enhanced jungle animals – you have to see to believe.

Where the story comes together is when we find out exactly who hired Hit-Girl to break out Mano and why she is taking out all the competition before setting her
sights on lower-level criminals. That is the crux of the story and what I’m most waiting to see how that unfolds. I feel like there’s a twist coming soon, but I’m trying to not read into anything and let if unfold.

Ikc-Ass #2 and Hit-Girl #2 are in your local comic book shop now.


Kick-Ass Issue 2 CoverHit Girl Issue 2 Cover

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