Baltimore Reviews… KICK-ASS #1 and HIT-GIRL #1

March 22, 2018
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March 29, 2018

Baltimore Reviews… KICK-ASS #1 and HIT-GIRL #1

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Mark Millar is back and he’s brought some of his greatest creations with him. It’s been a while since we’ve read the exploits of the titular heroes, and these new volumes cdeliver the action, intrigue and gratuitous violence we’ve come to expect from him.

In Kick-Ass #1, Millar teams up with artist John Romita, Jr. to bring us a new Kick-Ass. That’s right, Dave Lizewski has quit the superhero world. and it’s up to someone new to take up the mantle. Millar has done a great job introducing us to the new hero. Patience, is a recently returned soldier from Afghanistan and she must reconcile her former life with her current one. Her husband has left her deep in debt with two young children and she must figure out how to survive in Albuquerque, Arizona.

We learn that she grew up rough, and decided to join the Armed Services to make a positive change and not fall into the illegal activities that some of her friends and family members had. But her back’s up against the wall and when she does the math there is no way to take care of her family and the debt she’s saddled with doing legit work.

I really like where Millar is going with this concept and I think Patience is a great protagonist to follow. I’m glad he quickly addressed the costume, name and moved forward with the new story. Patience is a much better and smarter Kick-Ass as evidenced by how she utilizes her military training to get inside her target and one step closer to her goal – getting out of debt. I’m not sure exactly how the story will go and what will happen, but I am certainly along for the ride.

In Hit-Girl #1 we are reunited with Mindy on a new adventure. It’s fairly typical Millar here, but it does shine and remind you of how much you missed the pre-teen hero.

We first see her as she tries to work with a new Kick-Ass, but that partnership fail as he is too afraid to charge head first into battle with Mindy. We see her languishing here a bit. She clearly still enjoys the hero life, but she doesn’t want to do it alone. And here’s where the story launches. She travels to Colombia to get a new partner in her war. Although, this time, he’s quite an unsavory figure to team up with.

In a Suicide Squad homage, we see her shackle her new partner with an explosive armband that ensures he cooperates and doesn’t shoot her in the back. He is a unrepentant gang member who’s killed hundreds of people and was set off to rot in prison until Hit-Girl rescues him and convinces him to join her on her campaign.

It’s a great angle to revisit Hit-Girl, and I think Millar is going to bring something new to her character than just the same-old Mindy we’ve seen before. I hope that we get to see she’s grown a bit and matured since the last appearance. As always, Millar brings great dialogue and the humorous violence that juxtaposes her age with her brutality. I’m sure there’s going to be a fair bit of betrayal, deception and violence in this series, but I hope that we get to new side to Mindy here.

The art is by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz and is fun, dynamic and over-the- top. Exactly what you would expect. and that’s a good thing.

Both titles are available now in stores and are limited runs – Hit-Girl is 4 issues and Kick-Ass is 6.

Kick Ass and Hit Girl No1 Covers

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