Kaiser Reviews… BLESSED SONS – CHAPTER 1

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January 4, 2018
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Kaiser Reviews… BLESSED SONS – CHAPTER 1

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Blessed Sons, Chapter 1: Rite of Passage, created by Rich Bernatovech and Ihor Loboda and published by Drumfish Productions, is a solid set-up for what can turn into a series worth following. Suggested for fans of comic series like The Runaways or Night Owl Society, as Blessed Sons has a similar vibe – a group of kids against the adults that are supposed to guide and protect them but are up to their own nefarious plots. This is not a bad thing as that dynamic is a strong framework to build up some gripping story potentials. If Blessed Sons will embrace that and grow into something truly gripping is yet to be seen, but this first issue does a nice job of setting things in motion.

The comic opens on a mysterious figure watching a building burn as he talks about learning his life was a lie, what his destiny was, and that he has set fire to the only home he has ever known… along with everyone inside. We then flashback to a typical day at the Blessed Sons Academy where “boys are being boys”, then follow them throughout the rest of the book as we’re introduced to the characters and teased with something bigger going on behind the scenes.

Blessed Sons, Chapter 1 opens on a big WTF moment and ends with a bit of a *gasp* moment that sets up a nice hook to make you want to find out not only what happens next, but leaves you with enough questions that you want answers to. Who was the guy monologuing over the opening? Is he the good guy or the bad guy (although, setting a building on fire with the people inside leans on the bad side, his actions could be noble, or even world saving… we just don’t know yet!)?

Ihor’s artwork and Rich’s writing work hand-in-hand to deliver a solid, polished kickoff to their story. You can easily slap an Image, IDW, Dark Horse, or any of the primary indie publisher’s logo on the cover and the Blessed Sons comics would fit right in alongside books put out by those bigger publishers. It is an amazing time to be a geek, both on the consumer and the creative end. There are so many indies popping up in all forms of media it can almost be too much to take in at first, but if you take the time to explore all this new content, you just might find some great new stuff to geek out over. Like Alterna Comics, which I discovered in 2017 with their mini-series The Chair, Drumfish Productions is now on my “must watch” list for up-and-coming new series to get lost in.

Blessed Sons
#1 is available to readers right now, and is available for purchase on comiXology.


Blessed Sons Comic Book Cover

Written by
Rich Bernatovech
Art by
Ihor Loboda
Ihor Loboda
Ihor Loboda
Colored by
Ihor Loboda
Cover by
Ihor Loboda
Lettered by
Rich Bernatovech
Digital Release Date
January 3 2018

Age Rating
15+ Only

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