Baltimore Reviews… X-MEN GOLD VOL. 1

Baltimore Reviews… X-MEN BLUE VOL. 1
January 2, 2018
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Baltimore Reviews… X-MEN GOLD VOL. 1

Under the banner of ResurreXion, a new team of X-Men emerged under the leadership of Kitty Pryde. X-Men Gold is a callback to the 90s era of X-Titles where the two teams were divided between Blue and Gold rosters. Now Marvel is bringing that nostalgia back with Marc Guggenheim at the helm.

This volume collects the first 6 issues and is truly a Back to Basics as the team must decide how to move forward after the war with the Inhumans. Storm decides to step down as full time leader of the X-Men and it’s up to Kitty to lead the mutants. We have seen many versions of Kitty since her introduction in the early 80s, but being the leader of the X-Men is something that is a natural progression of the character, and a very welcome development.

Joining her on the team with Storm are Colossus, Nightcrawler, Rachel Grey using the new code name Prestige and Old Man Logan. And when you look at the cover image you might be thinking that you are having a flashback to the late 80s, as that is the exact roster from that era. It’s an interesting combination and one that really will bring you the feels, so to speak.

You can tell that Guggenheim as affection for the characters and it shows in the mythos he chooses to highlight. In this volume you will see a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and he really goes for it
in talking about themes of discrimination, hatred and fear.

It’s as if Guggenheim is composing a love letter to the X-Men that were stewarded by Claremont for almost 17 years. The classic baseball game, bringing back classic characters in new ways – Stevie Hunter who was Kitty’s dance teacher is now a U.S. Representative. It’s those little nods that are keeping me smiling as I read. But it’s when he puts a new spin on the classics that he truly shines.  This means the Sentinels that they fight are more advanced than they’ve ever faced before.

The art is a bit cartoonish and standard but that isn’t a negative. But speaking of negatives, I would say putting the Xavier School in Central Park is absolutely ridiculous. The Marvel Universe is full of concepts that shouldn’t work but do, however this just doesn’t. Rachel Grey getting a new costume and the code name Prestige is really cringe inducing. I understand the impetus for doing this, but it
doesn’t really feel like a progression for her and that is a bummer.

Last thing is bringing back the Kitty/Colossus love. It’s old and dated and needs to be left in the past. It does neither character any favors and just keeps them in stasis.

Overall, I am really happy with this book. Add to the fact that it ships twice a month just gives us more issues to love and enjoy a year. I am intrigued with the concepts that Guggenheim is exploring and looking forward to seeing where he takes the team in the future. Let’s hope he adds some newer characters soon. The X-Men work best when they are “us against the world” and I think we’re going to get just that.

And I can’t wait.

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