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November 14, 2017
November 21, 2017

Danny Reviews… ABSENT CAPTAIN #1

Absent Captain #1 is the first issue of five, written by Jon Hughes and drawn by Joshua Flower. It begins with an alarming “BREEP” and eerie vision of the top of a tall building on fire. The police arrive and discover that Jonathan Argos is dead. This kickstarts an investigation. Meanwhile, at the Zero Technologies Tower, the Cavaliers are awaiting the arrival of their leader, Captain Zero, as their alarm has sounded. Unfortunately, they learn that he did not set off the alarm, but rather, his automated system which also includes a pre-recorded message made by Captain Zero. He informs his team that this message is only set to go off in the event of his death. Then he reveals his civilian identity! Yes! This is a comic book where the heroes don’t know who each other really is! What a twist!

Captain Zero gives his team their final mission from him. They must find out who killed Jonathan Argos, but must do whatever they can to keep up the appearance that Captain Zero is alive!

The remainder of the issue deals with the police investigation and them reaching out to the Cavaliers for help. They ask to speak with Captain Zero, which the team of heroes have to get creative with explaining how their leader is delayed and unable to come to the phone right now.

The sudden news of the loss of their leader has also caused a wide range of emotions from each of the Cavaliers and their interactions with each other become more complex as the hours pass. We learn more about certain connections between some of the characters, and I can only imagine what else is in store over the next four issues.

I can’t wait to find out!

Published by: Overground Comics
Created & Written by: Jon Hughes


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