November 8, 2017
Chapman Reviews… BATMAN VS. TWO-FACE
November 10, 2017

Baltimore Reviews… OLD MAN LOGAN (TP)

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Since Wolverine was first introduced in Hulk #181, there have been countless stories written about him. Some dealing with his missing memories, tragic romances, his weaponization, being a loner, and of course being the best at what he does (and what he does isn’t very nice). But I challenge you to come up with a storyline that has come out in the last decade that is as memorable as Old Man Logan.

Mark Millar and Steve McNiven create a devastatingly haunting tale as an older, grumpier Wolverine must seek revenge. The story is so incredible that Fox adapted this for the last Wolverine movie – simply titled Logan. In fact, the last time this creative team got together, we got the blockbuster epic Civil War. The story this time is no less epic.

In this future, Logan has run from his past once again – one that includes a tragic ending for the X-Men and settles in the West with a wife and children. One night 50 years ago the super-villains of the Marvel Universe finally did what they’ve tried to do for years. They came together and in one fell swoop killed, destroyed and obliterated the heroes. Logan has given up fighting and has not extended his claws since that night.

As many Marvel futures go, this dystopian version is pretty bleak. Red Skull is President and Hulk has gone mad and mated with his cousin, She-Hulk, producing a line of deformed and demented children. It is one of these children that pushes Logan from a pacifist standing back to his violent past. In order to save his family, Logan must go on a cross-country road trip with a certain blind archer (Hawkeye). The two of them could even be called Grumpy Old Men: Road Trip Edition.

Throughout the eight issues collected for this storyline we are treated to a fascinating America, one in which superheroes have largely vanished and the villains have won, carved up the world and rule through absolute force. Their road trip through the country is as fascinating as it is bleak. We are treated to a Venom infused T-Rex, an intriguing take on Emma Frost and some spectacular visuals as you see the remains of heroes and how twisted the villains truly are.

Mark Millar has long been a king at taking source material and reinventing it with a modern and sometimes brutal touch. This is no different. The story is tight and while there is some twisting of characters to appease the plot, it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. Steven McNiven turns in some glorious pages here and his artwork is spectacular. As you can imagine, when Logan finally pops those claws again, you are so ready for the mayhem to start.

This is by far, my favorite storyline and it’s probably a definitive take on Wolverine that is not to be missed. If you loved Logan then you owe it to yourself to read Old Man Logan. You won’t regret it.

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