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Chapman Reviews… MR. CRYPT #1

Mr. Crypt is a new 3-issue limited series from indie publisher Alterna Comics. I was instantly taken in by this new series due to its vintage Marvel-style cover that hearkened back to the days when covers featured witty or exciting quips from one of the main characters, so the cover looked like it promised a fun time.

This series features Mr. Crypt, “The Living Skeleton”. On a stormy night in 1932, Mr. Crypt unexpectedly finds himself resurrected by a lightning bolt. Confused as to where he is, and what has happened, he wanders into a nearby town for answers, where the locals naturally assume that he is an evil skeleton. Despite his assurances that he is, in fact, NOT an evil skeleton, the locals give chase, and Mr. Crypt hides in a clothing store, adopting his new name and outfit to fool the locals. If there is a life moral to be learned from Mr. Crypt, it’s that the right moustache is key to survival.

The story is very lighthearted, with the running gag being that a skeleton is trying to fit into society, because nobody like a skeleton. Mr. Crypt, however, simply wants to fit in and find out who he is, so while he settles into a small shack in the cemetery, he finds his first new friend: Baron Rat.

The first issue of Mr. Crypt is a very light and easy read. The humor is fun, playing on the old cartoon trope that as long as Mr. Crypt wears his moustache, everyone is fine with him. If the moustache suddenly falls off, then everyone instantly recognizes that he’s a skeleton. It’s silly, but it works for the story, as Mr. Crypt is simply trying to fit in and find a place in his new afterlife.

Troy Vevasis is the creator and writer of Mr. Crypt, penning a good-natured and all-ages tale. Aleksandar Jovic provides bright, colorful visuals that look like they popped out of the newspaper funnies. If the creator ever decides to move Mr. Crypt to the animated medium, it would translate really well as a series.

The second issue of Mr. Crypt is scheduled to release two months after this issue’s debut, which is unfortunate for the wait, but will be well worth it if the series continues its snappy, playful tone. This is the least “mature” style title that I have seen from Alterna Comics to date, but it does celebrate a strong potential for a very diverse catalog of “all access” titles down the line. Coming off the classic horror style of Croak, this was a pleasant palate cleanser that still left me just as impressed about this publisher’s growing lineup.

Mr. Crypt made made for a perfect Halloween read, proving that not everything for the season has to be gory or scary to fit into this time of year. I hope the future issues delve more into Mr. Crypt’s still mysterious past, while giving the titular hero some new adventures to fumble through.

Readable and recommendable.

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