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Danny Reviews… PLUS ULTRA #1

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I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with writer, Jon Hughes of Overground Comics, at Anime Fest 2017 in downtown Dallas.  We at Total Geek Live want to make every effort possible that indie comics get their own spot in our little project, because so many of them are doing great works and we wish the spotlight on those was just a little brighter, so that the general public could see that there is way more talent out there besides Marvel and DC Comics.

After my talk with Jon, I told him that I wanted to buy a few #1 issues from him and that I would write up reviews on each of them.  So you see folks, this is not a paid endorsement by Overground Comics.  I used ten dollars of my hard earned money so that I could not only financially support an indie comic company, but also help get the word out about three of their great properties!

The first comic book up for review is Plus Ultra issue #1.  It is written by Jon Hughes and drawn by Matthew Weldon.

Its feature character is one, Kristen Kounslar, an actress whose career was struggling because she kept losing roles to other women who were taller, curvier, and overall more sexually attractive, despite the fact that Kristen herself was good looking and had an outgoing personality.

Frustrated with years of having to settle for “buddy roles” and “the smart, nerdy friend”, Kristen goes to HeroCorp for an injection in hopes that it would give her first tier results.  As luck would have it, she walked away with the “Alpha set” of super powers: strength, speed, endurance, and near invulnerability.  In order to ensure that she get the public’s attention, she gathers up a costume to fit the part of superstar: blonde wig, blue contacts, high heels & a push-up bra.  The kicker here is that while her debut as Plus Ultra is a success, it only amplifies the deep seeded insecurity that, as herself, as Kristen Kounslar, she wasn’t good enough.

Issue #1 opens with Kristen at a photoshoot in downtown Houston.  She’s wearing a prop costume that’s so small, she’s worried more about having a wardrobe malfunction than she is about if any of her poses look good.  The photoshoot is for a magazine cover as well as an interview that she hopes will help the general public know more about who she really is.

While reviewing the photos with the photographer, a friend of his busts into the room to tell them about “some crazy hot chick” is fighting with the local cops and it is being streamed live online.  This introduces the issue’s villain, Moxie, and really lets Weldon’s artwork shine with an electric spark!  You get some great back-and-forth between Plus Ultra and Moxie, both physically and verbally.  As well as some points made about our society today and how much smartphones and the internet have ingrained themselves into people’s everyday lives.

I really enjoyed Plus Ultra issue #1 and I can’t wait to buy more issues.  If you’d like to read it yourself, you can FOR FREE!

Overground Comics is a project born of love for comic book readers, in hopes of giving back to them the thing most missing from most comics they read; the presence of time.  The characters and the world that you are about to be introduced to are finite.  They live in the presence of time, just like you.  Every day that you age, so do they.  They will be young for a time, but eventually they will grow old.  We will manage the time they have carefully, and we hope that you are enriched by their stories.  Nothing is meant to last forever, and we hope that this natural approach to our stories gives you comfort in a literary environment greatly lacking in the community.

No reboots.  No retcons.  Dead is dead.  Time is precious.










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