August 2, 2017
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Kaiser Reviews… THE CHAIR #1 & #2

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When given the opportunity to get in on Alterna Comics press list for preview/review copies, we just had to jump on it. As much as I love the mainstream stuff from Marvel, DC, IDW, Valiant, etc., I have always been drawn to indie titles. When it came time to divvy up the titles, I quickly claimed The Chair. I mean, who doesn’t love a gritty prison story?

As the title implies, The Chair weaves a story through the inmates and their captors on Death Row and everything vile that comes with the characters at play. This is not a series for the easily offended. Strong language and unsettling themes are strewn throughout each book.

From its opening full page panel, The Chair #1 (available now) makes it pretty clear the type of ride writer Peter Simeti wants to take you on. The black & white art is raw and rough like the characters and environment it represents. The almost crude panels help emote the stark and dire circumstances Sullivan, the protagonist, endures.

A few pages in I felt like this was familiar ground trod upon by a number of stories. Man wrongfully imprisoned (Sullivan). Guards who treat the inmates like animals. It took me the full first issue to really get invested in the world of The Chair. You get a little back story on Sullivan along with brief insights to some of the other inmates on Death Row. All the while the guards go above and beyond to make life a living hell for everyone.

By the end of the Issue #1 The Chair drives home the question of what is the line that separates the inmates actions that put them in there, and the actions done to them by those that run the prison they inhabit. Is it justifiable to treat even the worst of humanity in such horrific ways? Do those actions make them as bad as those they’re “above”.

About half way through the issue Sullivan states at one point: “There’s something about this place… something that’s not normal.” This sense of something being off in the prison culminates into a brutal climax I did not see coming.

Issue #2 will drop on August 16th and introduce you to The Warden….

Like most prison stories, it is usually the Warden who is ultimately behind the awful things being done, either indirectly by looking the other way, or by skimping here and there to line their own pocketbooks. Not much different in here except that the warden is very much hands on with the wrong doings being done.

“Someone’s been a naughty boy…”

We don’t learn much about the warden or what his actual plans are. Issue #2 is a slow simmer as Sullivan deals with the mental aftermath from the events of Issue #1 and the warden prepares for… something nefarious. Something that has me chomping at the bit for October when Issue #3 drops.

For those who like their comics indie, gritty and dark, The Chair is right up your shady seedy back alley. Keep an eye here on for my take on Issues #3 & #4 with an overview of the four-part series as a whole.

Once last note, since this series is printed on newsprint, like the days of old, it allows for the cost of these books to go way down. This makes The Chair and other Alterna comics ideal for those on a tight budget that are looking to try out a new series. It’s easy to justify grabbing an unknown when it’s only $1.00. Personally, I know I would buy a lot more comics if the prices were what they were when I started reading. So kudos to Alterna for doing us comic readers a solid. Thank you.


Issue #1
Released: Jun 21, 2017
Writer: Peter Simeti
Artists: Kevin Christensen, Peter Simeti

Issue #2
Writer, Artist, Lettering: Peter Simeti
Artist: Kevin Christensen
Releases: Aug 16, 2017

Issue #3
Writer, Artist, Lettering: Peter Simeti
Artist: Kevin Christensen
Releases: Oct 25, 2017

Issue #4

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