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Baltimore Reviews… MARVEL FUTURE FIGHT (iOS)

Marvel has made a couple of forays into the mobile game market (Puzzle Quest, Contest of Champions, and Pinball to name a few) but Future Fight, in my biased opinion, is their best game since Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

This is a Free-to-Play game, but for those “Wallet Warriors”, there are a lot of packages available for quick upgrades. You start the game with Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, and Hawkeye, but soon your roster grows into the dozens.

Veteran Marvel writer Peter David crafts a the plot that sees Nick Fury sending the cybernetic Jocasta back in time to help pull members of the Avengers to stop a group of villains from destroying the multiverse. There are (at this moment) 12 chapters, plus various other game modes that track the story.

The joystick controls are easy to use and mastering the special skills is a fun adventure in itself. You rank characters up by gaining their specific biometrics, as well as increasing their skills so that their attacks become more powerful. The game allows you to customize your characters so that my Ant-Man could play differently than my friend’s Ant-Man – which is a cool thing.

Since the game started over 2 years ago there have been some pretty major updates to include fan favorite characters like The Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange, Agents of SHIELD, Inhumans, and the recent Spider-Man update brought the Sinister Six into the game. The characters are placed in 1 of 4 categories (Speed, Combat, Blast and Universal), with each group having advantages/disadvantages over another group.

The game uses an energy bar that is depleted as you go on missions, but you can buy (in game) more energy as well as getting rewarded energy by completing daily tasks. The in-game store allows you to purchase a range of goodies, from rank up materials to gold (currency) to biometrics. There is a grinding aspect to the game, but that’s to be expected nowadays, however the developers have made great strides to streamline the RPG aspect and have actually listened to player’s complaints when making updates.

The characters, now numbering more than 130, are a veritable who’s who in the Marvel Universe (including heroes and villains). One unfortunate victim of the current Fox/Marvel war is that the X-Men and Fantastic Four have been off limits to license for game developers. That frost has thawed a bit as the most recent update sees the X-Men brought into the game. For a long time X-fan this is welcomed news indeed. And, to be honest, a mobile game shelf life isn’t that long and adding X related characters should extend the game for quite a while. The freeze on X-characters did see a welcome inclusion of characters that have never had a chance in a game. Characters like Misty Knight, Moon Girl, Ulik, Crossbones and Warwolf to name a few.

For the gamer just starting out it may seem overwhelming to get into Future Fight, but I assure you that every attempt is made by the developers to help the newer players out. And as someone who’s been there since the beginning they also give us some good endgame content that keeps us coming back to play everyday.

So download the game and get ready for some Mighty Marvel Mania!

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