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April 12, 2017
May 5, 2017

Kaiser Reviews… THE DISNEY AFTERNOON COLLECTION (Playstation 4)

Dammit, Capcom: get your shit together. I should be feeling elated right now (though I should be cursing Digital Eclipse under my breath as they’re the ones who actually developed it).

I was ready to start this review of the PS4 version of the Disney Afternoon Collection with glowing remarks as this collection not only hits me right in my nostalgia sweet spot, but it gave me all new experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to have without a fat wallet, or emulating, thanks to the inclusion of Duck Tales 2 and Rescue Rangers 2.


As I was going through the Boss Rush modes, the game hard crashed when I selected the DuckTales 2 Boss Rush. HARD crashed. Like I had to get off my fat ass and unplug the system just to regain control again. This was the second crash I’ve had now.

*deep breath*

While I write this, I have the game on the title screen blaring the excellent chiptune version of the Disney Afternoon theme. It is helping bring back the happiness this nostalgia nugget  directly caters to my inner child and absolute love of classic Capcom NES platforming goodness should be bringing me.


Crashes aside, this is a no-brainer, must buy experience. I missed out on playing Darkwing Duck and TaleSpin on the NES in my youth, so getting to play them now along with the aformentioned DuckTales 2 and Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers 2, the collection provided more new experiences to me than just a roadtrip down memory lane.

It’s a great collection of games to introduce your children to. It’s perfect for retro fans, platforming fans, pixelart lovers, chiptune enthusiast… I mean it is no secret that Capcom were masters of their domain once upon a time. Outside of TaleSpin, which does bring some interesting ideas to the shmup genre, is the weakest of the bunch. Controls are clunky, deaths are inevitable, and there’s just poor to bad design choices left and right (I spent more credits than I wanted in the shop as I desperately tried to figure out how to exit it because there is NO f’n prompt that tells you to press the Options Button). If it were not for the Instant Rewind feature (thank the maker!), I would have never bothered to beat the game.

If you just want to chill and listen to any of the theme songs (again, in excellent chiptune form) or repeat the DuckTales Moon Theme music over and over and over (because yes, it is that damn good) there is a handy music player that lets you go straight to your favorite tunes.

Each game provides you additional ways to play. Once you click on a title you can select Play, Time Attack and Boss Rush. While you decide which mode you’re in the mood for you are treated to a great medely of the game’s music. Seriously, this collection’s chiptune game is on point.

Back to that Instant Rewind feature. As a grown man (who plays games based on children’s cartoons) I don’t have the time to really game like I did before the days of bills, jobs, and adult obligations. This feature was a godsend. Again, THANK YOU to whoever thought to put this in. Other great new features include the ability to save your progress from any point in a level (one save per title), and the a few display options. For me I turn all the TV and Monitor Filters off so I can truly appreciate all the pixels. As an aspiring a pixel artists myself, I love being able to see all the unfiltered beauty in full screen at 1080p. It’s these games that drive me to make the games I am working on today.

I thought about reviewing each game in the collection, but they are worthy of separate full takes in their own separate stand-alone reviews. However, a quick overview (overview?) is:

  • DuckTales & DuckTales 2 are the shining stars in the collection and provide the most in terms of gameplay mechanics, depth and replayability.
  • The Rescure Rangers titles are the easiest to run through but the Gutsman-like pick-up and throw mechanic is always fun (it was nice to see they made Dale look less stoned in Rescue Rangers 2).
  • Darkwing Duck is a fun romp with a last boss, whose opening pattern is diabolical, that about made me want to throw my controller. Once you figure it out tho he’s a breeze.
  • TaleSpin… I wanted to love you like the rest. I remember the show fondly, though not clearly. As a shmup fan I appreciated the new ideas, just not crazy about the execution.

…and here is 10 minutes of a guy doing an acapella version of the DuckTales Moon Theme.

…and here are two fun to watch videos put up by Capcom Unity that talk about the games and the shows they are based on. Right now they only have a Darkwing Duck and TaleSpin retrospective, but I’m hoping they’ll add DuckTales and Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers vids in the coming week. DARKWING DUCK | TALESPIN

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